Coyote image is from John Nieto an

Coyote image is from John Nieto

Friday, January 14, 2011

Hafiz - An Astronomical Question

Pannonicum II (God's kiss)

By: Damir Rajle 

Along with Rumi, Hafiz is one of my favorite mystical poets. 

"Hafiz was born in Shiraz in south-east Persia (modern Iran) in approximately 1320 A.D., twenty two years before the birth of Chaucer and a year before the death of Dante. He was named Shams-ud-din, which means 'Sun of Faith,' Mohammed. Later when he began to write poetry he selected Hafiz for his pen-name or 'takhallus'. 'Hafiz' is the title given to one who has learnt the whole of the Koran by heart and Hafiz claimed to have done this is fourteen different ways.

"Physically Hafiz was small and ugly but even as a young boy he began to show the great gifts that would finally take him to the height of artistic and spiritual achievements. He was loving and helpful to his parents, brothers and friends, and he had a wonderfully ironic sense of humor that caused him to continually see the humorous side of everyday life. Even at this early age he was fascinated by the poetry and prose of Persia's great poets and writers and stories about the spiritually advanced souls and Perfect Masters. He loved the Koran, which his father read to him and he began to memorize it. He discovered he was blessed with a remarkable memory, and before he was a man he had memorized the Koran and many of the poems of the great poets....more....

Imagine this:

Happen if God leaned down
And gave you a full wet
Doesn't mind answering astronomical questions
Like that:
You would surely start
Reciting all day, inebriated,

The Gift by Hafiz and Daniel Ladinsky


  1. This reminds me of Rob Brezsny. Are you familiar with him? He's an astrologer, but not typical. He's also written a book called Pronoia. You can see his stuff at His whole message is contained in the concept that the universe is conspiring to shower us with blessings. God leaning down and giving us a big wet kiss is just the kind of thing Rob would say.

    How's that new Neruda book coming?

  2. Ruth, thanks, I will check him out - sounds interesting.