Coyote image is from John Nieto an

Coyote image is from John Nieto

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Evidences of the Afterlife

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Jeffrey Long's book  Evidence of the Afterlife, the Science of Near Death Experiences is the latest attempt to quantify in a scientific way proof of an afterlife.  Jeffrey Long, MD is a radiation oncologist who collected over 1300 Near Death Experiences (NDE) on his Near Death Experience Research Foundation's website at  

Now I never had a NDE.  I did have a close encounter  with death once about 25 years ago when I was in a car accident.  I was waiting at a stoplight at about 10 pm in Dallas, Texas.  I was in my VW van when all of a sudden a drunk driver in a  pickup truck ran a red light.  Another car arrived at the intersection about the same time, hit the pick-up truck and sent it  flying mid air directly at me. The pickup hit my van head on and bounced over the top.  The crash pinned me in the van with a broken leg.  If you know a VW van - the engine is in the back and there is little protection in the front.  I remember thinking 'God this really happened'.  Until then I figured I was quite immune to such things.  Well the paramedics came, cut me out and took me to the hospital.  Later that evening around 3am, after surgery, the nurse woke me and told me I was turning blue and took me the the Intensive Care Unit.  My lungs were filling with fluid. I found out later that the doctor hadn't expected me to make it though the night.  Well obviously I made it.  At no time did I actually die. I suppose you could call this a near near death experience.

In Jeffrey's book he outline 9 proofs of 'Life after Death'.  For example, one point of evidence is the Out of Body Experience (OBE). So what is this Out of Body thing or OBE as it is known?  Well from firsthand experience it is a knowing that you are outside of your physical body.  I've had a few OBEs and they really are quite remarkable.  Over 75.4 % of the NDE survey reported 'Yes' to the question of "Did you experience a separation of consciousness from your body?"   One NDEer from Jeffrey Long's book reported:

Suddenly my consciousness rose above my bed in the ICU.  I remember having told myself that I had not had an out-of-body experience so this could not be happening.  As I rose, I told myself, "Well, here it is."

I could have used an OBE in my accident.  Unfortunately I was having a painful  in-the-body experience.  My leg was broken and throbbing.  Ouch!

Other proofs besides the OBE experience reported by responders to  Long's questionnaire are: 

Lucid Death-  a heightened sense of consciousness as compared to normal waking consciousness
Blight Sight-   Normal or super normal vision while in the NDE and even the blind can see!
Impossibly Conscious-   even under general anesthesia the NDEers maintain consciousness
Perfect Playback-   of events long forgotten and in perfect detail.
Family Reunions-   the NDE reunites one with those that have died before, usually their family members
From the Mouth of Babes-   even the NDEs of children, young children are consistent with older adults 
Worldwide Consistency-  the NDE event is remarkably consistent throughout the world
Changed lives-   the NDE often changes one's life, usually for the better.

So if you doubt the existence of an afterlife or would like just a bit more proof you might want to consider Jeffrey's Long's book.

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